CSUN / Department of Art / Fall 2015 / Professor Joe Bautista


ART301 Web Design / TR / 200p-445p / Room 404

ART301 Web Design / F / 800a-130p / Room 404


It is always best to make an appointment if you need to meet with me outside of class. Email me if you have any issues with attendance or general questions. IM’s are a great way to ask quick questions as well. Please keep your email attachments less than 10MB.

As you may know, I am one of the Directors for The Center for Visual Communication (VISCOM). If you are interested in participating or curious about what we do at any point during the semester, do not hesitate to ask. We are always looking for people to join the team.

I use ENGRADE for quiz and grading web software. You will receive an invite then access the site here: https://www.engrade.com/user/login.php



Basic Skills
Acquire a basic knowledge, theories, and concepts about art; develop a foundation of art skills and a high level of craftspersonship; communicate ideas and concepts through writing, speaking and art making; acquire a competency with the tools and technologies associated with the visual arts.

Art Knowledge
Broaden knowledge of ancient through contemporary art; develop an understanding of the theoretical, cultural, and historical contexts of art.

Critical Thinking
Apply processes of generating and solving problems in art; analyze, interpret and question traditional methodologies and preconceived notions of art and art making. Interdisciplinary Connections Explore and engage in interdisciplinary forms of art making.

Global Perspectives
Develop an appreciationand tolerance of diverseperspectives dealing withart, culture,teaching and learning.

Become involved in both individual and collaborative art experiences with other students, faculty, and community.

Professional Preparation
Develop a career path for an art profession or an art-related field; develop an understanding of the demands and expectations of that area of art profession or art field.